Let’s start digging!!

Welcome to the first post of the site.  Let’s start with a surprisingly common uncommon design you can find among older tombstones.

 Location: Forest Cemetery

corner of Sherman St. and Mulberry


These tree trunk tombstones are quite detailed and show excellent craftsmanship.  Unlike most modern day grave markers  these probably took many hours of labor.

Here we see a scroll “hanging” by rope on both ends bearing the deceased’s names. Along the bottom of the trunk there are some ferns.


D. M. Luce 1847-1920

Mary J. His wife 1849-1901


This trunk has a bit more detail, although weathering makes it hard to make out the details. The pendant above the scroll bears the words “Woodmen of the World Memorial” The bottom of the trunk depicts leaves and what appears to be a flower.


Richard Bertwistle 1859-1913


This stone while less ornate than the previous two has a warm reddish color.  Weathering has made the emblem hard to read.


Here rests a woodman of the world

Dum Tacet Clamat 

(translated from Latin: “though silent he speaks”)


J. A. Uhl  Dec. 23, 1859  Aug. 6, 1902




The last tree trunk is quite simple with leaves sprouting up from the bottom.  This is not a grave stone but a monument.  The actual grave stones are to the left and right of the monument.

Monument Inscription



For more information on the Woodmen of the World visit http://www.fallscity.org/history/zunck/fcnews/world.html


I am the Director of Fringe Paranormal based in Toledo, Ohio.

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