Talking Trees

In the last post we saw some interesting tree stump tombstones.  This time we have a set with a bit of a twist on the theme.

Location: Forest Cemetery, Toledo, Ohio

Corner of Sherman St. and Mulberry

Here we see a small horizontal tree stump next to a “wooden” chair.  Both stones are illegible due to weathering so we can only guess as to whether or not there was some type of relationship between the persons.

The chair tombstone appears to be a simple chair roughly fashioned together.  Again we see a scroll covering the chair with the details of the deceased (illegible).  Chair tombstones are often symbolic of mortality or of the loss of a loved one. A small chair is said to symbolize the loss of a child.  In this instance I can not be sure which category this stone falls into unless I find a way to decipher the inscription.

The stump is covered with a scroll which likely contains the name of the deceased.  A carved leaf is found at the bottom. It may be that the small size of the stump represents that the deceased died young.  Unfortunately that cannot be determined at this time.

I have been able to make out a few words on the stones:

Small Stump:

first row :  (G or C?) (O or U?) PHWUN??

second row: DOOLITTLE


first row: (U?)?ELLA ???

second row: PASSED (I?)NTO

third row:     RESTFUL SLEEP

fourth row:  ?25 190?


I am the Director of Fringe Paranormal based in Toledo, Ohio.

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