War is Hell

Location: Forest Cemetery Toledo, Ohio

corner of Sherman and Mulberry st.

Obviously these are not the original stones.  Most likely they were erected by a historical society. Note the artistic engraving of the train the “General”.  “General” is posted on the train engine.  The wood storage car is inscribed with “W & ARR”



Pvt. Mark Wood.  Company C 

21st.  Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Died July 11, 1866

Congressional Medal of Honor winner

Pvt. Wood, a union soldier during the civil war was a member of the famed Andrews raiders who took possession of the confederate locomotive the “General”  at Big Shanty GA. and attempted to return it to the union lines.  Andrews raiders were very near the Tennessee border when they were forced to abandon the “General” because they were out of fuel, water, and the confederate forces were closing in on them.  Within a week after abandoning the “General” all of the Andrews raiders were captured, 20 in number, and tried as spies.  Seven of those who participated were hanged as spies and the remainder were put in prison.  On October 16, 1862, Pvt. Wood along with five other raiders escaped prison and eventually returned to the northern lines.

Small tombstone inscription:

Mark Wood

Medal of Honor

2D Lieut CO F

21 Ohio INF

1839 1866




I am the Director of Fringe Paranormal based in Toledo, Ohio.

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