Saddle up!

The living have the opportunity to design their own tombstone if they are lucky.  Here is someone with a love of horses.  She is / was a master leather carver and saddle maker. You can visit this stone in Toledo,

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Dead Ends ~ Human Dissection

Dissection Class University of Maryland School of Medicine, circa 1915 The following is reprinted from : / Body Snatching, You Say? Gross Anatomy, or the dissection of bodies by medical students for study has not always been a given of medical

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Dead Ends ~ Horatio Robley and his Severed Heads

  Horatio Gordon Robley (28 June 1840 – 29 October 1930) was a soldier, artist and macabre collector of Mokomokai and antiquities. Mokomokai are the preserved heads of Māori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, where the faces have been

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How’s It Hanging?

The Hanging Caskets of Sagoda Location: Echo Valley in Sagada Phillippines The Igorots are an indigenous tribe living in Sagada, Luzon Island, Philippines. The Igorots practice unique funerary customs, in which the dead are buried in coffins which are tied

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The Poetry of Death

Cemetery: Père Lachaise Cemetery, 16 Rue du Repos, 75020 Paris, France Georges Rodenbach was born in Tournai to a French mother and a German father from the Rhineland (Andernach). He went to school in Ghent at the prestigious Sint-Barbaracollege, where

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Tombstone Symbolism

A winged skull is sometimes seen on old tombstones

Certain engravings and symbols on tombstones are significant and have a meaning behind them.  Here are a select few ANIMALS ANT : Christian industry BATS (rare): the underworld BEE : resurrection. risen Christ; chastity BIRDS : souls BIRDS FLYING :

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War is Hell

Location: Forest Cemetery Toledo, Ohio corner of Sherman and Mulberry st. Obviously these are not the original stones.  Most likely they were erected by a historical society. Note the artistic engraving of the train the “General”.  “General” is posted on

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Field of Dreams

Sometimes long gone record breaking athletes can be found in your own backyard so to speak.  Here is an example from my town of Toledo, Ohio.  Batter up!!!   Front Inscription: J. Lee Richmond M.D. Pitched professional baseball’s first perfect

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Talking Trees

In the last post we saw some interesting tree stump tombstones.  This time we have a set with a bit of a twist on the theme. Location: Forest Cemetery, Toledo, Ohio Corner of Sherman St. and Mulberry Here we see

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Let’s start digging!!

Welcome to the first post of the site.  Let’s start with a surprisingly common uncommon design you can find among older tombstones.  Location: Forest Cemetery corner of Sherman St. and Mulberry   These tree trunk tombstones are quite detailed and

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Welcome to the Catacombs!
Here we have some of the many graves in our online cemetery. To see more you may need to dig deeper
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