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Dead Ends ~ Human Dissection

Dissection Class University of Maryland School of Medicine, circa 1915 The following is reprinted from : / Body Snatching, You Say? Gross Anatomy, or the dissection of bodies by medical students for study has not always been a given of medical

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How’s It Hanging?

The Hanging Caskets of Sagoda Location: Echo Valley in Sagada Phillippines The Igorots are an indigenous tribe living in Sagada, Luzon Island, Philippines. The Igorots practice unique funerary customs, in which the dead are buried in coffins which are tied

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Tombstone Symbolism

A winged skull is sometimes seen on old tombstones

Certain engravings and symbols on tombstones are significant and have a meaning behind them.  Here are a select few ANIMALS ANT : Christian industry BATS (rare): the underworld BEE : resurrection. risen Christ; chastity BIRDS : souls BIRDS FLYING :

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